We restore vessels

West Coast Extraction has been providing cleaning and restoration services to marine industry on the West Coast for over four decades.

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We use professional equipment

Our trained staff uses safe,
efficient and state-of-the-art
equipment that meets or exceeds
even the highest industry standards

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We enhance surface protection

We at West Coast Extraction developed cleaning techniques and methods that provide and enhance protection and preservation of surfaces serviced.

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Why Work With Us

Our state of the art equipment enables us to deliver quality final product within tight deadlines.

What We Do

We restore vessels

We use professional equipment

We enhance surface protection.



What We Are

We are an industry leader in providing surface cleaning solutions to Marine Industries on the West Coast for over 40 years.

In-depth understanding of Marine Industry
24/7 coverage all year round
Specialized equipment and tools
Turn-key as well as partial service levels available.
Outer decks and housework cleaning

Vessel decks and sides are exposed to some of the harshest weather conditions; from scorching heat to rain and snow. We are able to clean and restore weathered surfaces by utilizing specialized tools and applying effective and environmentally sensitive methods.

Inner decks, passenger and crew spaces

Though vessel inner spaces are generally well protected from the effect of varied weather conditions the surfaces in these spaces deteriorate over time due to effects of human traffic.

Engineroom spaces

Engineroom surfaces get contaminated by an array of compounds such as lubricating oils and greases, diesel fuel and many other chemical agents and additives. This is an area where expertise of West Coast Extraction personnel shines. We are proficient in cleaning and preserving tank tops, bilge spaces and deck plates.

Galley and cafeteria spaces

Passenger and crew vessel food handling spaces are the spaces where customer and regulatory demands are very high. These areas require a very thorough and planned approach in order to deliver quality cleaning and preservation.

Air handling ducting and galley exhaust cleaning

HVAC systems are very specific and demanding spaces to clean and preserve. An inadequately cleaned ducting is not only unsightly and potentially allergenic but also fire hazardous. Our equipment can eliminate contaminants even on the most difficult to reach surfaces.

State of the art tools and equipment

Even the most hard-working personnel would not be able to clean most of surfaces encountered in the Marine Industry while maintaining the high standards of safety and environmental protection. Our specialty equipment was designed and built to allow our team to provide cleaning services under the most time-sensitive conditions.

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