Chrissy Burbank


The Owner and the President of the West Coast Extraction Services (WCES) is not a typical Executive. She can be found either in a boardroom or her office or on a job with a pressure washer wand in her hand on the same day. She never shies away from rolling up her sleeves and helping her cleaning teams on a project. The years of hard work that her father dedicated to building of the WCES is well continued with Chrissy’s dedication and perseverance.

JL 27a

Candice Brown

Operations Manager


Cell: 604.834.9495

Candice is an example of a dedicated employee who can serve as Chrissy’s right hand; both in the office and on a job. Her unmatched dedication to client satisfaction helped propel her from a position of a cleaner to the Operations Manager. She serves as a solid conduit between client’s representatives and WCES.